An Array of Tree Service Applications

Seek professional advice and assistance from a tree service specialist at Aralia Arborist Services. I'm eager to recommend the best solutions to tree or landscape issues you’re dealing with.


Landscape Management

Keeping landscapes lush, green, and healthy could be quite demanding. Leave these tasks to a pro eager to take charge of pruning ornamental trees and shrubs to control the size and enhance flowering. Doing so also reduces the likelihood of snow and ice damage while prolonging the life of your plants. Allow me to handle the following tasks:

  • Planting and Transplanting
  • Wetland Restoration Planting
  • Vegetation Control
  • Invasive Plant Eradication
  • Poison Ivy Eradication
  • Tick and Mosquito Control

Ask me to take charge of tree protection tasks during construction projects. You may also request services related to permitting and inventories for local tree bylaws.

Plant Health Care

Keep landscape plants healthy by following a holistic approach that ensures optimal growing conditions. I carefully check the landscape for insect, disease, and soil deficiencies. Proper water and sunlight are key components of a worthwhile PHC program.


Tree Risk Assessment

Trees are great, until they are not…

Urban trees provide so many benefits to people and the environment: Shade, and the cooling effect on streets and buildings; habitat and food sources for wildlife; filtering pollutants and fine particles from the air, the list is long.

However, each year we hear of, or witness property damage or personal injury due to trees that fall under their own weight, usually during weather events.

We offer unbiased, professional opinions of tree failure risk, using the ISA TRAQ system, an industry standard. This helps allow tree owners, property managers, and municipalities make informed decisions about tree risk . Options such as crown thinning, crown reduction, and support cable installation can be used to mitigate risk, instead of complete tree removal.

Complete Property Inspection services

Complete Property Inspections for
Prospective Home Buyers

While most people will have an inspection done on a home’s structure and mechanical systems before considering it for purchase, little attention is given to the outside property. I am able to determine if trees need immediate attention due to safety concerns, and this information can be critical before entering into a contract.

Other benefits of pre-purchase inspections include:

  • Short and long term maintenance cost forecasts
  • Discovering grading and drainage issues
  • Tree and shrub identification
  • Invasive plant species identification  
  • Approximate lot boundaries

Construction Plan Review

Many cities and towns require that homeowners and development companies have a Mass Certified Arborist review construction projects, and how they impact existing trees. I can determine and mitigate construction damage to trees, as well as cull out undesirable and unhealthy trees early in the process.

The rates are based on the size of the property, and the scope of the work.

An estimated cost can be provided upon request.

Ask for Assistance

Select the tree services you need and let us know. We’re eager to provide you with the assistance you need right away.